Monday, 30 December 2013

My Albums of 2013

Hookworms- Pearl Mystic
If any one band has come to represent 2013 for me, it has to be Hookworms. A reputation built on blistering live performances and one intriguingly fuzzy EP; Hookworms had definitely put in the ground work for their debut album proper. Released by the consistently brilliant Gringo Records; Pearl Mystic is a cathartic, loud and ultimately euphoric record that just keeps pulling me back for more. Full review:

Johnny Dowd- Do the Gargon
Johnny Dowd has been releasing records for a long time but never seems to get much widespread recognition. This is a great shame. This album is yet another release in a long line of fantastic records, perhaps too unhinged to enter any dull pantheon of ‘modern classics’ but deserving all the same. This time Dowd treats us to the metallic-funk, rock ‘n’ roll madness of Do the Gargon. It’s his gift to the world. You should thank him. Full Review:

The Cosmic Dead- Inner Sanctum
If Hookworms brought the thrills of modern psychedelia to a wider audience then it was the Cosmic Dead that set about testing its boundaries. The Glaswegians specialise in twenty minute psych-jam freak-outs of the highest order and Inner Sanctum is quite possibly their strongest statement yet. Full Review:

SHABDA- the Electric Bodhisattva
Paradigms Recordings has released many a fine record this year including the gothic post-punk of Lovesilkpalemilk, the occult madness of Jamie Paul Lamb OxManLionEgale and the majestic black metal of Ekpyrosis Weisse Nacht. Yet in The Electric Bodhisattva, SHABDA has created an album of irresistibly hypnotic, eastern drones that never fails to hold me in under its spell. Article about Paradigms:

Teeth of the Sea- Master
Imbued with a sense of adventure and giddy creativity London’s Teeth of the Sea has created one of the year’s truly impressive releases. Master is an apocalyptic party record that wants to see you dancing in the embers of the old order. The overt sci-fi influence also makes it sound like some great lost soundtrack to some cosmic cinematic epic. Blade Runner reimagined as an album of Krautrock, electronica, doom and surprisingly hopeful trumpets.  Full Review:

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